Air Blow Fans utilises advanced analysis software including Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Modelling (FEM) techniques or tools. The CFD is used to optimise aerodynamic design resulting in higher efficiencies across a broad range of operating point as per the application requirement.


The FEM tools are used for both static and dynamic analysis and assist us in designing fan structures with optimal strength, balanced with ease of manufacture and maintenance. By investing in this phase of the product design, we are able to manage costs and streamline production, benefits that are passed onto our customer and which result in operationally sound solutions.


In summary, Air Blow Fan's capabilities include:

  • The design and manufacture of bespoke centrifugal and axial flow fans.

  • Complete turnkey surface fan installations for mines which could include: 
    drift work, motors and switchgear, motor houses and civil work.

  • The design and manufacture of dampers and vane control systems.

  • The design and supply of inlet and outlet attenuators and acoustic lagging.

  • The re-engineering and supply of spare parts for all types of fans. 

  • The re-engineering and reproduction of non-standard parts in the absence of specifications. 
    In such cases, a site visit to collect information pertaining to the application is necessary.

  • The refurbishment of fans or fan components.

  • The up-rating (upgrading) and down-rating (downgrading) of fans necessitated by changes in the
    conditions at the point of installation.  As a result of our extensive experience and in-house expertise,
    we are able to re-design fans for changed conditions. This is achieved in a number of ways such as:

    • speed changes or changes to the diameter & width of impellers, blade profiles, etc.

    • the on-site dynamic balancing in situ, commissioning and general site assistance.

    • the supply of blade and casing liners or special coatings where fans are operating in abrasive conditions or in a chemical environment.