Our range of centrifugal fans includes a variety of types and sizes all of which can be customised or designed and engineered to suit your unique requirements.

These fans form part of our medium to heavy duty range and are available in various high-strength carbon steels as well as stainless steel, super duplex and titanium.

Robustly designed fans with the following characteristics and applications are available:

  • Backward-curved, aerofoil-bladed impellers for clean air environments.

  • Backward-curved, laminar-bladed impellers for clean air environments.

  • Backward and inclined bladed impellers for semi-clean air environments.

  • Forward-curved and radial-tipped laminar-bladed impellers with self-cleaning capabilities.

  • Radial, laminar-bladed impellers with self-cleaning capabilities.

  • Single and double inlet fans.

  • Conical or radial impeller front sheet design.

  • High-temperature, centre-line supported fans.

  • Single and two-stage high pressure, high-speed, narrow width centrifugal fans.

  • Oven and furnace circulating fans.


Our accessories for centrifugal fans include:

  • Inlet vane control systems for volume flow regulating.

  • Inlet louvre control systems for volume flow regulating.

  • Inlet and outlet silencers and acoustic lagging for fans.

  • Inlet and outlet flexible connections.

  • Discharge diffusers for optimum performance.





The efficient aerofoil designs of our range of axial flow fans provide for a broad scope of pressure and flowrate operations in heavy duty environments. 

The turnkey ventilation fan installations that Air Blow Fans specialises in include, but are not limited to, drift work, shaft top bends, self-closing doors, flexible connections and outlet diffusers.

Air Blow Fans is able to offer highly competitive, cost-effective solutions in the axial flow fan space through the innovative use of common mechanical components.

Our axial flow fans are designed with the following features:

  • Direct drive.

  • Indirect drive – this depends on power requirements.

  • Variable blade pitch at rest.

  • Either steel or aluminium blades.

  • Split barrels for ease of maintenance – this depends on fan configuration.

  • Sizes range from - 4000mm.


NOTE:  Mine ventilation fans are supplied as centrifugal or axial flow, depending on the performance requirements of the mine. Air Blow Fans will select, design and/or engineer the best solution for your application.