Air Blow Fans is a service-focussed supplier that is able to refurbish fans and supply spare equipment where the original equipment manufacturer is unknown or unable to assist. Drawing from our team’s years of experience, we are able to:


  • replace, re-design and upgrade existing equipment, with as little operating condition information as fan speed, operating temperature, flows and pressure requirements.

  • send personnel to sites to obtain the information needed in order to provide our customer with the spare equipment they may require. 

  • dynamically balance our impellers prior to installation into the fans.

  • perform on-site dynamic balancing and laser alignment if needed and issue a full vibration analysis and alignment report.  

  • obtain on-site acoustic readings where noise levels are required.  

  • conduct on-site performance testing to local and international standards. 























Air Blow Fans has the capability of remotely monitoring all aspects of rotating equipment, resulting in a maintenance cost saving to our clients and extending the lifespan of serviced products.


With extensive experience and a high degree of technical expertise, contracting Air Blows Fans to keep track of the operational health of your equipment makes sense. 


By remotely monitoring equipment, Air Blow Fans is able to predict the early warning signs of equipment failure. Being able to detect a potential problem allows for corrective maintenance before the issue escalates.